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What is Etsy Geeks All About?

Etsy Geeks was started by Etsy sellers who struggled to generate sales on the platform due to their products’ low visibility. The frustration of not getting seen on Etsy led us to look for ways to rank our products. That is how we became Etsy SEO Specialists.

We understand Etsy’s inner workings, having ranked 200+ of our products in the Etsy top 15 before deciding to offer this service to other Etsy sellers.

With Etsy Geeks, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic on the Etsy marketplace!

We have a good history of ranking:


No contract:


We have lots of happy clients:


Money-Back Guarantee

If your product is not ranked in the Etsy top 15 in its niche within the agreed time frame, you get your money back. We are the only Etsy ranking service with a refund policy, but we are so sure of our service we doubt you'll ask for a refund.

No Account Bans

We employ ethical techniques like using SEO-rich keywords to rank your products top on Etsy search results. So users of our service have never had their stores banned because unethical means were used to rank them better.

Total Privacy

We don't require access to your Etsy account to rank your products. You, therefore, don't have to share your Etsy store passwords with us.

What You Will Get From Our Etsy Ranking Service

Fast Etsy Ranking

Normally, your product will start ranking on the position between 1 and 15 within 21 days after your campaign has started.

More Traffic

As your Etsy product begins to rank higher, the increased visibility should increase visitors’ numbers to your store.

More Trust and Authority

When you reach the top of Etsy search results, your customers will see you as the authority within your product niche. This can result in more leads and sales.

Universal Results

We can rank any product sold on Etsy. So it doesn’t matter to us where in the world your Etsy store is based or the niche you operate in. We can get your product a higher ranking on Etsy.

Monthly Top Etsy Ranking

Subscribe to one of our monthly packages, and we will maintain your top 15 Etsy search engine ranking. A permanent high Etsy ranking will generate more brand awareness and increase your sales.

Bulk Discounts

Use our service to rank more of your Etsy store products, and you’ll pay less.


Am I in risk for using this service?

Our short answer would be 'No'. No shop we've ever worked with has seen any penalties or special negatives penalties whatsoever.

We can never 100% guarantee anything, but we are confident that the risk for negative effects is neglible.

We are constantly testing an reviewing our methods, and improving them based on the results. Besides this: If there would be negative effects, this service could be used by shops to get rid of their competition. 

So for this reason, we don't see realistic scenario's where things go bad. 

If you are still questioning our service, please contact us and let us know your concerns!"

Can I buy Etsy Favorites on Etsygeeks?

Buy Etsy favorites and increase sales ! Real, legal and high quality.

Are you wondering how to turn Etsy favorites into sales? Please contact our team to buy etsy favorites. We are focused on bringing you guaranteed results for your Etsy shop.

However, if you are looking strictly to buy favorites, we can help you out as well!

Visit our Buy Etsy Favorites / Product page and buy them today. 

Can I buy Etsy Followers on Etsygeeks?

Buy Etsy followers and increase sales ! Real, legal and high quality.

Sure, we can offer Etsy followers. Please contact our team to get a custom quote to gain Etsy followers. We are focused on bringing you guaranteed followers and ranking results.

However, if you are looking strictly to buy Etsy Followers, we can help you out as well!

Visit our Buy Etsy Followers / Shops page and buy them today. You will get the best service and gain Etsy followers from the best providers on the market!

Can I have an onboarding call to further discuss my campaign?

Sure! Our account managers stand ready to take care of your orders. Just use our Calendly page to book a call with us!

See the Contact us page for more infomation.

Can I pause my campaign?

We do not yet offer the option to pause a campaign, as this would conflict with monthly payments. We are considering this option as future update.

So we recommend you to ensure your product has enough inventory to handle any increase in sales.

Can you rank any product in the Etsy top search results?

We can rank all products on Etsy, and where your Etsy store is located doesn't matter.

Do you offer a free trial of your service?

No, we currently don't. We occasionally hand out coupon codes that you can redeem to receive a discount on your initial order.

How can I review the level of competition of a keyword?

Enter a keyword into Etsy search, hit enter and simply review the right top where it says ""x,xxx results, with Ads""

This is where you can review the number of search results.

How do you rank my product in the Etsy top 15?

Our service consists of 2 parts:

  1. We will send you an Etsy SEO guide which covers how to improve your Etsy product listing. We have read and tested hundreds of ranking factors throughout the years, and we've distilled all our learnings into this practical optmization guide!
  2. After 48 hours of receiving our Etsy SEO Guide, your ranking campaign will start. We will start closely monitoring your product page and improve it rankings through various methods. We cannot divulge our exact methods, but it revolves around generating SEO signals which Etsy.com likes to see. 

When doing Google SEO, the main factor are backlinks. With Etsy, the main factor is generating quality impressions to your products. This is our speciality1!

How many keywords can I use to rank my product?

You can provide up to 3 keywords in ranking your product.

But please note that you can’t provide a single word for your keyword because they’re very competitive. The minimum number of words for a keyword is two.

How often can I update campaign details?

You can change your campaign details at the end of your campaign. So each new month, you can boost a different product and / or keyword(s).

How soon will my product appear in the Etsy top 15?

Your product should rank in Etsy page 1, usually among the top 50 results, within 21 days of paying for our service. Our money-back guarantee, read more about it here, guarantees that you'll get a refund if we don't rank your product within the agreed time. Please note, if a keyword you provide has a competition level of over 100.000, it might take up to 30 days to rank your product. For product keywords with competition under 100.000, it will take no longer than 21 days.  

In what time will I earn a profit using Etsygeeks?

This depends on our product and product margins. On average our clients make back their money within 2 to 3 weeks of using our product.

Once you rank my product in the Etsy top 15, will it stay there?

If you continue to pay for our service, we can guarantee that your product will continue to appear top in Etsy search results. If you don't, your product may lose its position on the Etsy top 15.

Payment | Monthly payments - Will I be billed monthly or in advance?

We will bill you each month right before the start of your campaign. So you do not need to pay in advance!

What are the conditions for ranking a product?

To succesfully rank your product, we ask you to:

  1. Study our Etsy SEO Guide upon receiving it, and applying the updates to your product page.
  2. The product should be visible on Etsy.com and in-stock.
  3. Your product should be found on the current keyword you'd like to rank for within top 400 search results.
  4. You should select the proper package upon ordering, based on your products level of competition.

Why should I pay for your service?

Getting your products seen on Etsy is not easy with the millions of products sold on the platform. Our Etsy ranking service ensures that you don't get lost somewhere on Etsy, where your potential customers cannot find you.

Use our service to start ranking in Etsy search results. you will increase your Etsy store visibility, which will translate to more leads and sales.

And don't forget.. We are the only Etsy ranking service on the market with a money-back guarantee.

Meet Our Team

Contact us and let us help you with your queries. We're Etsy Experts and available from Monday to Friday via E-mail, live chat and phone.

Bram | CEO
Paul | CFO
Jeanie | Manager

Who Do We Work With?




Etsy Geeks Case Studies and Success Stories

"Compared to Etsy Ads, Etsy Geeks Services has a way better ROI!"

Jun 1, 2022

"We started seeing results within just a few days of starting the campaign." 

May 16, 2022

“Once I started Etsy Geeks, I started to see results after about two weeks!” 

Apr 20, 2022

Boost high competition keywords for top Etsy product ranking

October 17, 2022

Testing the effects of the Etsy Geeks Free Trial on medium competition keywords

October 5, 2022

Testing the effects of the Etsy Geeks Free Trial on high competition (US) keywords

October 26, 2022

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  • Positive review :)

    On BlackHatWorld.com >

    Almost didn't want to post review and keep this service to myself but I think my niche is unique enough lol. Saw a pretty quick improvement in rankings I was already on page 1 but way down, now im #9 one week later. This was a new product I added last week. Overall I am going to be purchasing more :)


    15 Mar 2022

  • ★★★★★

    On Trustpilot.com >

    I'm happy with the improvement of my sales since I started subscribing to one of the packages the 50k-100k Medium Competition Keyword. Amazing service for Etsy ranking.


    8 Mar 2022

  • ★★★★

    On Trustpilot.com >

    It takes a while till they answer but their services works well.

    Ceni Mazliyah Kohen

    18 Mar 2022

    Ceni Mazliyah Kohen
  • ★★★★★

    On WebMasterReviews.org >

    Tried the service for 1 month. Product is showing up on the first page of my target keyword on my month of order.

    Jen Levine

    16 Jan 2022

    Jen Levine
  • ★★★★★

    On WebMasterReviews.org >

    It’s hard to get noticed on Etsy. What with the deluge of crafts sold, any product would find it hard to catch the attention of potential customers. Etsygeeks helped me do just that. They help you place your product on the first page and even as the first result of a search. And because of that my sales turned good while I had their service.

    R. Thomas

    27 Jan 2022

    R. Thomas
  • ★★★★★

    On WebMasterReviews.org >

    The people in Etsygeeks know what they’re doing. They can make your product show up on the first page of Etsy search. If you keep up with their service, they can place your product in the top 3 within a month.The people in Etsygeeks know what they’re doing. They can make your product show up on the first page of Etsy search. If you keep up with their service, they can place your product in the top 3 within a month.

    L. D.Amico

    18 Mar 2022

    L. D.Amico
  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    I availed of the free trial for 14 days before placing an order and was happy with the result. Now, it's my second month using the service, and it's amazing because I get to receive a lot of orders. Visibility of the product is very important to gain sales. Thank you very much team.


    25 Feb 2022

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    I continued my subscription to maintain my ranking. I got a bulk of orders last week. Keep it up, guys!


    05 Feb 2022

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    Great Service! Thanks.


    18 Jan 2022

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    Amazing and fast service. I can see my dashboard to monitor my ranking. Thank you.


    27 Dec 2021

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    I have 3 monthly subscriptions with you and I'm happy with the results. I got a lot of orders from... read more


    30 Nov 2021

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    Renewing my existing subscriptions, I got satisfied with the improvement of my sales. Hoping to receive more orders.

    Keep it up, guys!


    15 Nov 2021

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    All perfect! I'm very satisfied.


    25 Oct 2021

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    This seems like a decent Ranking Service. I am happy with the result of my order, and the customer support is really outstanding, always getting a response right away.


    11 Oct 2021

  • ★★★★★
    at EtsyGeeks >

    I have earned doubled since subscribing their program and I would like to say Thank for that. Looking forward to more profit and consistent Rank 1 with my selected keyword. 


    29 Sep 2021


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